Volunteering With The VC Gallery

Here at The VC Gallery we have a team of over 60 volunteers with a wide range of skills. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the organisation and we provide ongoing support and training for each and every one of them. We welcome all abilities and backgrouonds, in fact your unique abilities is why we want you!

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Make a positive difference to people's' lives.
  • Improve self esteem, confidence and wellbeing.
  • Gain invaluable work experience.
  • Receive high quality training and develop new skills.
  • Use existing skills and knowledge to benefit the local community.
  • Meet new people from a range of backgrounds.
  • Feel valued and part of a team.
  • Change the way things work for the better.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here at The VC Gallery we have many exciting opportunities for our volunteers including the following:

  • Gardening
  • Art workshops
  • IT support
  • Tech Buddies
  • Peer mentorship
  • Catering
  • Groundswork
  • Woodworking
  • And many more!

How To Volunteer

Are you interested in volunteering? If so please get in touch with us by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator Chris Palin either by email at chris@thevcgallery.com or by calling 01437765873

  Volunteers Awards 2023

It's not every day that we get to celebrate such inspiring teams and individuals, so this year for volunteer’s week we have taken advantage of our new venue to host a gathering and offer our gratitude. so, let’s show them and each other some much-deserved appreciation for their generosity and kindness by giving a round of applause to the outstanding volunteers of the VC Gallery who we and the community can always rely on!

Volunteer of the year

A big congratulations to Susan Williams aka DJ Migraine for earning the most hours volunteered.

Their hard work and dedication has helped serve our VC Galley Community in a remarkable way.

We are truly inspired by their commitment and grateful for all the hours they have put into this cause.

Thank you, Susan Williams your service is forever appreciated!

Outstanding achievements Pembroke Dock and Haverfordwest

We’re proud to honour Maxine Bunston and Vicky Jones with the outstanding achievement award.

The VC Gallery is more than just a gallery; we’re a community of volunteers dedicated to making a difference in Pembrokeshire and even further afield.
This award celebrates two of our members for their outstanding contributions and excellence.

A big round of applause for and for going above and beyond and becoming a true inspiration for all our volunteers. Congratulations!

Unpaid Carer volunteer award

We’re proud to honour our award recipient. Their dedication and kindness make them true heroes in our community even while they have responsibilities to overcome as unpaid carers.

We’d like to take the opportunity to acknowledge their ability to inspire and offer kindness to others. We hope they will continue to do more of their remarkable work. Please join us in recognising their hard work and achievements. 

Winner; Dean Lewis

Team awards

Dig for victory

Congratulations to the incredible team for their inspiring efforts and hard work at Pembroke Dock and Dig 4 Victory.

Today we are proud to honour their passion and dedication in all weathers with this award.
We believe this is just the beginning of amazing things that can be accomplished through collaboration. Let’s keep our motivation high and continue to work towards a better tomorrow. together, we can make it happen!

Winners; Donna Roberts, Shane Pearce, Kev Russell, Andy Bunston, Flo Urry, Mark Shuttleworth, Mike Wilson and others.

Bridge St. VC Gallery

We are thrilled to honour the Bridge Street Team - our passionate and selfless volunteers who run the retail sales of the local artists works in the Bridge St Gallery.
These inspiring individuals have dedicated their time and energy to advance our mission and engage in meaningful ways with the community.

We appreciate your generous giving, tireless support, and heartfelt contributions. Thank you for helping us spread joy, serve others in need, and make a real difference our community.

Trustees Award

We are delighted to announce an award for our of trustees in recognition of their dedicated service and commitment to the VC Gallery. We are extremely proud of their hard work and dedication, and this award is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the community. We are honoured to have such an amazing group of individuals on our board of trustees and thank them for their tireless efforts.

Winners; Mark Jolly, Mark Shuttleworth, Joshua Beynon, Michelle Bateman, John Warlow, Dr Simon Hancock

Mobile Museum

Congratulations to the mobile museum team of veterans for this award. This outstanding team works tirelessly to create an engaging and educational space for our community.
Their tireless efforts and dedication have helped reach more people and make a real presence in our community. We’re proud to recognise their hard work and commitment with this team award. We cherish what they do for the museum so join us in celebrating their accomplishments today.

Winners; Rob Jones, Tony Two Sticks, Wayne Duignan, Phil Mogford.

Music Team

Today, we’re celebrating our volunteers who made their mark in the past couple of years with their commitment and passion for music. It’s all possible due to the consistent practice and them gathering to step up to make music and create and atmosphere and environment that uplifts us all. Let’s show them some love and appreciation. They do this without finding or any VC staff.

Winners; Donna Roberts, Maxine Bunston, John Pulsar, Ann Shuttleworth, Philippa O’Connell, Sandra Young, Sam Brown and others.

Volunteer couples award

We would like to give thanks to some special team players who put in a great deal of work for the VC Gallery not just when they are here, but they take the gallery home with them so to speak! So, we have a special category that honours these couples.

Winners: Alison and Stuart Heeps

We would like to give a special mention to Louise Wilkinson from PAVS who has helped us coordinate our volunteer work and was on hand to present certificates. The celebrations continued with a fabulous buffet from The Swan pub and we were beautifully entertained by the Rock Choir.Thank you so much for your incredible voices and heartfelt passion. More awards then followed and the entertainment was brought to a close by local band ‘Captain Kirk’ and our resident juggler John Thewless.

Here at The VC Gallery we have strong afilliation with PAVS and many other organisations that recognise the important work being done by volunteers. Here are just a few snaps from the PAVS Volunteer Awards 2022.