Combating Loneliness & Social Isolation for Veterans & Community

We help service veterans and those in the wider community by getting them engaged in a variety of art projects.

We passionately believe that art and culture can improve health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

Rydyn ni’n  helpu cyn-filwyr a phobl yn y gymuned ehangach drwy gael nhw I  gymryd rhan mewn amrywiarth o brosiectau celf.

Rydyn ni’n  teimlo’n gryf fod celf a diwylliant yn gallu gwella iechyd, lles ac ansawdd bywyd yn gyffredinol.

At The VC Gallery, we provide a service that will improve the welfare and support for armed forces veterans and the wider community throughout Pembrokeshire, responding to their needs as quickly and efficiently as possible in an empathetic manner that engages with them, to support and assist with their particular needs and entitlements.

Yn y VC Gallery rydyn ni’n  darparu gwasanaeth sy’n gwella lles a chefnogaeth i gyn-filwyr y lluoedd arfog a’r gymuned ehangach drwy Sir Benfro.  Rydyn ni’n  ymateb i’w anghenion mor gyflym ac effeithiol ac sy’n bosibl , mewn ffordd empathetic sy’n ymgysylltu a nhw, i gefnogi a chynorthwyo eu anghenion arbennig a’u hawliau.

Founded by Army veteran Barry John MBE in 2013, today's organisation has grown massively since it's humble beginnings. It is supported by Steph Cross (Project Manager), Kevin Stanley, Josh Simmons (Military Peer Mentors), and a strong team of volunteers. From our two drop-in locations in Haverfordwest and Pembroke Dock, we offer help and support through creative active engagement to people of all ages, with mental and physical disabilities, and to those who may be suffering from social isolation.

Sefydlwyd  y VC  Gallery gan y cynfilwr Barry John MBE yn 2013 ac mae’r sefydliad heddiw wedi tyfu’n aruthrol ers y dechreuad difalch.  A chefnogaeth Steph Cross (Rheolwr Prosiectau), Kevin Stanley, Josh Simmons (Mentor Cymheiriaid Milwrol) a thim cryf o wirfoddolwyr.  O’r ddau leoliad yn Hwlffordd a Doc Penfro rydyn ni’n cynnig help a chefnogaeth drwy weithgareddau creadigol i bobl o bob oed, rhai ac anabledd meddyliol a chorfforol ac i rhai sy’n dioddef o ynysrwydd cymdeithasol.

'Empowering people and enriching the community through social engagement, art, and creativity'

Grymuso pobl a chyfoethogi’r gymuned drwy ymgysylltu cymdeithasol, celf a chreadigrwydd.


Art is used as a creative medium for reducing social exclusion and increasing confidence amongst a wide range of people within the local community. We offer the opportunity for people from all walks of life to express themselves through art. Community members can exhibit their works for members of the public to enjoy and purchase.


The VC Gallery is a "single point-of-access" welfare and support hub for veterans. In addition, we are a signposting and referral service, a community social hub, and a charity working in partnership with public and third-sector agencies as well as specialised national charities. The Gallery aims for this to be in a coordinated manner to meet the needs of all veterans.


We are open to everyone, the young and old, those struggling with their mental or physical health, and anyone who is feeling isolated or disadvantaged. Above all, we are a welcoming and inclusive location that provides visitors with a sense of place and belonging.

A message from

Theresa May

Neges oddiwrth Theresa May

“Through the ‘VC Gallery,’ you have created a wonderful initiative to provide vital welfare support to those who have, like you, sacrificed so much in the service of our country. Your passion for art is inspiring others to improve their skills and wellbeing, as well as offering an inclusive space for people who are feeling isolated. I wish you the very best in your continued work.”

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