Mental Health Support For Veterans

This Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard (VMHAS) Self-Assessment Tool has been developed and tested by a variety of organisations (large and small) who provide health & wellbeing support to Veterans. Their knowledge and experience in this field has been fundamental in producing this Self-Assessment Tool that is accessible, useable, and effective in the provision of safe and sustainable non-clinical services, and places of support for Veterans with mental health needs.

All partners of the Veterans Places Pathways and People’ (VPPP) Programme, of which The VC Gallery is across Pembrokeshire have been invited to complete the assessment. We demonstrated a strong awareness and understanding of Veterans with mental health needs and requirements, and strive to achieve best practice.

The Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard (VMHAS) Self-Assessment Tool is designed to provide guidance and best practice examples. It consists of 14 questions with an emphasis on Performance, Support, and Transparency. It will assist organisations supporting Veterans, their families and support networks who have mental health needs with the reassurance they are working towards best practice. Although not all questions are based on mental health specific, they all do have a direct impact on the safe practice of supporting Veterans with mental health needs.