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You may have seen The Veteran’s Foundation logo on a few of our media assets over the last few months. We’re happy to report that this is due to VF’s contribution of £10, 000 to The VC. The support given to The VC is the latest in a legacy of support offered to veteran’s charities by The Veteran’s Foundation. During COVID-19, VF handed out over £290, 000 at short notice to organisations that were particularly hit hard.


VF’s support comes at a time when many veterans in care homes and in the surrounding area find themselves in an increased period of isolation due to COVID-19. Many elderly veterans are still shielding, and visitors can be something of a rare commodity. VF’s support frees up Barry and the team to be able to visit these veterans for socially distanced catch-ups. Something that is invaluable to The VC’s ongoing commitment to the well-being of veterans in the Pembrokeshire area. VF shares The VC’s commitment to enabling veterans and their families to have access to the arts, and so far 34% of their funding has gone directly to support physical and mental health amongst veterans and their families—making their involvement with The VC a natural fit.

“Many armed forces charities struggle to raise sufficient funding to support serving and

former members of the British Armed Forces’ and sometimes their dependants who are in

need. The Veterans' Foundation has been created to establish a new and nationwide source

of funding to help these charities. It acquires its funds through the Veterans’ Lottery and


- Peter Mountford, VF Chairman

Next year VF expects to give away £3 million to armed forces charities. At The VC, we’re proud to count ourselves as worthy beneficiaries of VF’s good work and will use the funds made available to continue to support and improve

veterans and veterans’ families. The VC family would like to thank The Veteran’s Foundation for their generous

and timely contribution to the work we carry out on behalf of veterans on a daily basis. We look forward to working with VF in the future and showing them, and you, just how much of a difference their kind support has made for the lives of our local veterans.

"This grant has freed up our team and allowed us to spend even more time getting out helping and interacting with veterans. A large part of the money has been put towards paying the salary of a full-time member of staff. This enables our founder, Barry, to be able to hit the street and spend more time in person with veterans in the community."

- Barry John MBE, Founder | The VC Gallery