Tackling Loneliness

Tackling Loneliness Project

Cllr Neil Prior, Cabinet Member for Corporate Improvement and Communities, said:“Enhancing Pembrokeshire has been a really successful scheme which has seen £3.2m invested in 185 projects across Pembrokeshire.

“I think we have really active communities in Pembrokeshire, especially with our partners in the voluntary sector, and Enhancing Pembrokeshire is one of the ways in which we can enable them to continue to build capacity, capability and confidence and do the great things that they do.”

The 100 per cent Council Tax premium on second homes will generate circa £5m for 2022- 23, with 25 per cent allocated to the Enhancing Pembrokeshire scheme.

The VC Gallery were one of the 26 applications endorsed by Cabinet, and we will use the fund to continue our project Tackling Loneliness. In collaboration with The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust who have also contributed financially we have employed a hub based peer mentor to run this project which was designed to address the challenge of supporting the Armed Forces community who are traditionally harder to reach. Our aim is to, build stronger social networks and friendships, improve access to local activities and provision, build emotional resilience to overcome the causes of loneliness and empower Armed Forces communities to become more independent.