Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant Providing sustainability 

Just before lockdown, The VC Gallery was awarded the ‘Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant.’

The Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant, using funds raised via the Second Homes Tax is available to provide funding for new projects that help address the negative impact of second homes and in doing so adds value to our communities. As a result of this generous grant, we were able to employ a full-time Digital Media Officer to join The VC team. Our new Digital media officer occupies many roles within our tight-knit team. Some of the most essential tasks they fulfill are; overseeing our website and building up our social media reach. Overall, their influence has been to boost our sustainability and enhance our online presence in the Pembrokeshire community. Perhaps the biggest success of this appointment, so far, has been the construction of our online shop. Through the shop, we can place pieces of art from our members to sell online.

But, it’s not just about the money the shop brings into The VC. Our members directly benefit from a sense of satisfaction and achievement when their art is purchased online. Most recently, one of our long-term members, Maxine Bunston sold five of her yoga-inspired artworks—leaving her over the moon!

“I felt really happy and surprised. It’s always nice when you get someone who wants to buy a set but at the same time, I’m always surprised, probably due to my lack of confidence in myself. I love painting because it is escapism for me, but also I love colour and precision. I'm very particular and critical of myself but I also believe that is what makes my artwork unique. It doesn’t matter what cost of the painting is—I want it to be perfect each time.”

Maxine Bunston, VC Member & Local Artist

Maxine’s success and the benefit this sale made to her mental health would not have been possible without the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant.

One of our largest marketing priorities in recent months has been to promote our Online Creative Writing and Art Workshops. These workshops are more essential than ever, with so many veterans and isolated individuals still shielding at home due to COVID-19. In collaboration with our Team Leader and our workshop leaders, our new Digital Marketing Officer ran a bespoke digital media campaign designed to bring traffic to our website and inform those in Pembrokshire and beyond of our free online workshops. The work to move campaigns, such as this one, entirely online has enhanced our sustainability going forward. 

The VC would like to thank the Pembrokeshire County Council for believing in our commitment to enhancing the lives of veterans and isolated individuals in Pembrokeshire.

Proudly Sponsored by

Pembrokeshire County Council