Kitty Parsons

This exhibition is about trying to be okay in a crazy world. Its about sharing some joyfulness and hoping that people will see a little of how we are all connected and remembering it is never too late to have a go.

By the time you see this I will have reached the ripe old age of 69. I don't know how that happened so quickly, but despite being a lot less physically able and decidedly bonkers, I am doing quite well thank you and determined to be grateful I am not living in a war zone, or freezing on the streets. Also , with my other hat on I am including in the exhibition a few bits of my writings ( bits of stories and poems) scattered about the exhibition for people to love or hate... but hopefully read.

Writing I have been doing all my life.. .not always well but I only started drawing a couple of years ago when I had a protracted stay in hospital and The VC Gallery sent me a bag of art materials. Then I joined some online art sessions with Anna Waters and Nina Camplin and they were so encouraging. “Just express yourself”, they said. “Look at other artists, other images and see what you like” They said. " Find your own style." They said. So, I did and these are some of the results In hospital I looked at the paints and the white bed sheets and thought… I don’t think so, being as I one of my super powers is chaos. I then discovered acrylic pens and that is what got me going. I do paint but I have very poor brush control and pens, ink and acrylic are my main medium. I am learning all the time and am delighted to be able to say 'Thank you' to The VC Gallery and to share these little offerings in their gallery.

Let me also just say, when I came to an exhibition by another artist at VC I heard Amy Barrett say she wanted her art to be affordable so more people could share in it, I loved that, and I have attempted to keep my prices low... after all the art work gives me such pleasure to create and if it will go into the world and make some people smile... well that just makes my heart sing. So, I hope you like what you see but whether you do or not, please feel free to have a go yourself. Express yourself… let your creativity flow. Turn off the voice that says you can’t (mine can be a real nagging nuisance) and just enjoy the flow that connects you to the joyful world.