Walk 1 - Riverside Walk


People from all over the world flocked to Haverfordwest to take part in the Royal National Eisteddfod.


The Gorsedd circle in which the Gorsedd of Bards held their ceremonies now stands at the start of the Riverside Walk.


Located next to the river Cleddau.


The artist Alfred Gregory Egers donated a large mural depicting scenes of Haverfordwest.

Walk 2 - Fortunes Frolic


A stunning riverside walk, reported to be the location of the last ever duel fought in Wales.


The walk features various wildlife consisting of Canada Geese and Kingfishers.


The walk is situated alongside the river Cleddau which runs through Haverfordwest.

Walk 3 - Scotchwells Walk


Birthplace to the famous Admiral John Lort Stokes who travelled on HMS Beagle for eighteen years. He was known for surveying Australasian waters and at one point sailed with Charles Darwin.


During his retirement he returned to Scotchwells estate where he passed away in 1885.

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