Piece 15

Karen Golding


Karen Golding was a child therapist for 15 years, dealing with abuse and trauma. In 2015 Karen felt burnt out and suffered a break down. Having met Barry, through helping with her son’s army application, Karen found a safe place to be amongst friends at the VC Gallery. Karen has taken inspiration from the artist Eric Gill, which is ironic considering her background. She uses art and sculpting as a way to get the trauma from her previous job out onto canvas. Not only has the VC Gallery helped Karen find an outlet in art, but Barry has also lent a hand in finding work on a farm. Karen is starting a college art course in September, and will also be going to Kenya to teach kids art as a member of the VC Gallery. In Karen’s own words, Barry is ‘fun, energising, always makes you smile, and has the best humour for when you feel like shit!’


Charity Number:


30 High Street


SA61 2DA

01437 765873

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