The VCDC Double Carten in May 2018 sees 10 cyclist coming together to raise money for The VC Gallery by cycling the journey from Pembrokeshire to Cardiff and back again.


The 10 as they are now known as are from all walks of life from veterans, serving soldiers, blue light services and people with lots of passion. They have all seen or experienced the great work The VC Gallery does and its benefits to so many people that they decided to raise money in aid of this important charity.


The double Carten will be a massive challenge for the team as some have never cycled this type of distance before.



Get in touch with the VC to find out how you could help raise money with your own challenge.


Tim's reason for doing the Carten is to challenge himself despite already completing the double Carten before. Tim explains ‘I am only a casual cyclist but this will be my third Carten since getting on the bike in August 2015. I have seen the good work that The VC Gallery does, not only for veterans but the community in general and believe that by helping those in need is going to be worth all the blood, sweat and tantrums’

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Tim Phillips is 48 years old, married

with 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren. He served 23 years in the Army with the Royal Regiment of Wales and nearing the end of his career with the 2nd Bn The Royal Welsh. Tim's service saw him being posted as far away as Honk Kong and as close to home as

Haverfordwest Army Career Office. He also served 2 years in Northern Ireland and completed three 6 months in Iraq.

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