Bluestone Support

Pembrokeshire rediscovered was the next project to be kindly supported by The Bluestone Foundation with their sponsorship.


The aims of this exciting project was to utilise the history, scenery and hidden gems of locations around Pembrokeshire.


After talking with prominent Pembrokeshire historian ad Curator of The Haverfordwest Museum Simon Hancock 12 locations of natural beauty and historical value were identified and a tour was set with many groups to visit, document and to create a study the 12 locations.


The groups consisted of worthy charities such as Pembrokeshire Young Careers, Age Cymru Pembrokeshire, Elderly homes in Pembrokeshire, veterans, Family of veterans, Home schooled children, socially vulnerable adults, disabled groups in the community, injured serving soldiers and Pembrokeshire College to name but a few.



Since The VC gallery’s early days starting out, The Bluestone Foundation have supported and promoted the VC.


The first Project The Bluestone Foundation funded was titled ‘The Art of Remembrance’ and was an educational and artistic project aimed at going into communities and through the medium of art create remembrance messages whilst on workshops with aims on understanding conflict and the history of World War 1.


The project allowed The VC Gallery to work with youth groups all the way through to elderly in the community to enjoy a host of events which included:



  • Visits to historical military places in Pembrokeshire and the museum at

Brecon which is The Regimental home of The Royal Welsh

  • Costal art workshops


  • Historical talks


  • Art workshops


  • Photography workshops


  • Introduction to multi media


  • Community open door workshops


  • Final Exhibition


Locations visited


  • Bluestones at Presselli (but of course!)


  • Angle West


  • Dale West


  • Monk Haven


  • Strumble Head


  • Hanging stones at Sardis
  • Boulstone


  • The Sisters


  • Lawrenny


  • Black tar beach


  • Gumpherston


  • St Brides


  • Harelston ruins


  • Quaker Cemetery


  • Canaston Woods

After visiting these places, art was created from the sketches and work on location including the photography that was done.

Elderly and the young created fantastic photography, navigating around computer work and gaining confidence in what they where doing.

Top geologist Sid Howells led visits to Bluestones and Strumble head on a fantastic few days with mixed generational groups.

The visits were very enjoyable, mixing veterans and many other groups on the Bluestone on the Presselis got the guys creating

lots of art when back from the visits.

Quotes from the Blustone Foundation projects the VC Gallery conducted.


“I never even knew Boulston existed, getting out and seeing this is just amazing!” Megan aged 13


“Being together with the aim to visit, create and document such areas of high beauty is so therapeutic” Mark RAF Veteran


“I’ve learned so much about what is out there!, I will ask my mum to take me back to St Brides on the weekend and show her this amazing place” Andrew aged 17

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