What we do


“We keep each other company, we enjoy each other’s company – it’s about socialising, community spirit and art,”



The VC Gallery is a charity that connects veterans to veterans and ART (Access, Re-engage, Thrive). We empower people and enrich the wider community through art and creativity.



By running projects and workshops for the community we aim to engage people of all ages and enhance their personal, social and educational development. Our work is not only limited to veterans, we are open to people with mental or physical disabilities, to both the young and elderly, and to anyone who feels alone, disadvantaged or isolated.


Our projects run all year round and provide the ability to build self-confidence and new skills. We frequently collaborate with schools, community centres, care homes and youth clubs. Individuals who feel detached from society are catered for by our comforting volunteers, asssiting them with everything from mental health to issues with finance and housing.



The majority of our veterans fair well after leaving the armed forces, suffering no ill effects, entering full time employment and leading meaningful and fulfilling lives.


However, some veterans need support to readjust back into civilian life. The VC Gallery is a 'single point of access' welfare and support hub for veterans. In addition, we are a signposting and referral service; community social hub; a charity working in partnership with public and third-sector agencies as well as specialised national charities.



Our aims in terms of socialising are simple, community is everything to us. So, to have a safe creative environment for serving, ex services and the community, is what we give to Pembrokeshire.


For veterans who may not wish to get involved with the creative process we aim to have both a hub to use, but also just a safe place to visit and have a coffee.



At the VC Gallery, art is used as a creative medium for reducing social exclusion and increasing confidence amongst a wide range of people in the local community.


Our studio and gallery space offers the opportunity for people from all works of life to express themselves through art. Community members are able to exhibit their works for membersof the public to see and purchase.



It is only with firsthand experience that you realise how much The VC Gallery means to so many people. Whether its studio space, a social venue or just a place to go for a cup of coffee and a friendly face. The VC Gallery makes a real difference in people’s lives whether a veteran or a member of the community and is one of the most positive things to happen to this town.- Pete



The VC Gallery has become a family. All the members of the family care about and look out for each other. Barry John is the founding member of this family and the person that the family draws its strength and guidance from. The fact that this family group has such strength and support for each other and the wider community that it interacts with is quite wonderful and should be replicated. The VC Gallery family is a loving family to be a part of and its wide- reaching and engaging support will never cease.” - Andrew



“I like going to The VC Gallery on a Thursday because everyone is really nice when I show up for my Art lesson. They have helped me with my self confidence and I can never repay them for that. They have shown me that Art isn’t about what others think, but about what I feel.- Megan

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