The main aims and objectives are to help Veterans and the Community using art engagement.

This is a brief overview of what the VC Gallery does in assisting individuals from the community as a whole.

The VC Gallery assists in:

Combating Social exclusion
Gaining confidence,  Self esteem and self value
Mediating on Housing and accommodation issues
Job Searching
Creating CV’s with a sense of ownership
Help assist in completing on-line job applications
Looking at how they market themselves in the industry they are approaching
Improve social interaction
Job interview skills and techniques
Mediate broken links to Mental health and local surgery’s for better access
Sign post to relevant charities and other organisations
Increase better understanding of Job networking and approaching industry
Educational development and self development strategies
Industry research and improving self presentation
Sign posting to substance and alcohol misuse charities
Improving better understanding of community, Communication skills and Interpersonal skill
Post sentence programs via probation
Social mentoring
Advice of Military recruitment both Regular and Territorial
Resettlement and careers advice for Military personnel
Active Military service career course guidance via SLC and ELC
Mediating eligible individuals for Career Wales services
Helping individuals pre and post Job Centre appointments for productivity
Creating ownership of individual time keeping strategies and management
Share individually and within a group
Group discussions

The VC Gallery relies on funding and the generosity of supporters. You can donate via PayPal using the form here.

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